Finalizing Sakura Guitar Engraving Drawing

While The Crow guitar is drying there are plenty of other projects to do. The Sakura guitar has been sprayed with its base coats and is waiting for color, so I decided to get myself in gear and finish up the drawings for the engravers.


This is the detail for the back of the guitar showing the hard detail around the edge as well as the full tree in the center area. The entire plate will be nickel plated with the flower petals spot plated with rose gold. At the top of the drawing the sun is peeking through the clouds—representing a new day dawning. My plan is to plate the sun with 24 carat gold.

This is a study that I’ve done using my drawings. The cherry red color on the mahogany will look great against the nickel-plated parts. I can’t wait to get the engraving going.

The entire theme of Japan and renewal is most poignant in light of the horrible disaster there. I’ve decided to donate the entire proceeds from the sale of The Sakura to relief efforts in Japan. I just need to determine the most appropriate charity to work with—I’ll be writing more about this in the weeks ahead.