Dantzig Guitars FAQ

Dantzig guitars are not sold in stores—We deal with you directly. Contact Jol via the form at the bottom of this page or via our Facebook page message function.
• Signature guitars are built by Jol Dantzig and have his signature on the headstock. Each Signature guitar is an original one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated. Typically, he builds two per year. • Team Built instruments are built in the shop by Jol and a small group of artisans under Jol’s direction. These guitars have the Dantzig logo on the headstock. Team Built instruments are available in three models with a lot of cool options.
Dantzig Team Built guitars start at $3800usd for a Tulsa model. Signature instruments begin at $14,000usd.
Jol regularly builds spec guitars to test new configurations and ideas for Team-Built. We refer to them as Artist’s Proofs. They are sold when evaluations are complete. These are essentially one-off instruments for a fraction of a Signature Series cost and a great way to get a unique guitar. Inquire about what’s available. Otherwise our backlog time is around 18 months.
Jol has developed what he calls a “violin” finish that is nitrocellulose based. It is a warm, friendly-feeling, low gloss lacquer which is hand-rubbed in the French polish style. This gives Dantzig guitars the “broken-in” look and feel of a fine vintage guitar without resorting to relic or distressing techniques.
All Dantzig guitars are built in Jol’s shop in New England, USA
In order to control quality and ensure that your instrument will be to our standards, we cannot accept lumber from clients.
Jol specifies nickel silver (18%) Jescar fret wire—typically a medium oval shape. (.100″ X .051 or .090″ X .055) We also like Jescar’s hard EVO gold frets as well. Ask about different sizes, we work with many of them.
The stock carve is a vintage 1956 V shape. Because necks are carved by hand any shape can be done. Nut width is 1- 5/8” or optional 1-¾” .
Most models are 25.5, but we also build 24.75, and 26.25. The radius is 12".
Jol has long standing and excellent relationships with many pickup builders, including: Jason Lollar, John Grail, TV Jones and Seymour Duncan.
Yes. Your choice of Bigsby or Mastery units are available.
Signature instruments often employ vintage, NOS and refurbished parts and hardware. Jol also fabricates and/or modifies hardware to his liking for these one-of-a-kind guitars. Team Built guitars use new parts unless specified.
Jol and the guys are busy building Dantzig guitars and therefore don’t do repair work.